[WiDEsk] Now you have a desktop wide enough to arrange all your applications without overlapping!

Version 1.0

Copyright © 1997 by S. A. Kryukov

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The idea has been borrowed from the X Window Virtual Desktop. The WiDEsk is a direct analog.

The WiDEsk working area is subdivided by grid-lines into the cells, each one representing single physical screen, all the working area representing the desktop available for every application. In other words, WiDEsk expands the system desktop beyond the sizes of a physical screen.

WiDEsk tracks out size and position of every visible top-level window on the system desktop and facilitates arrangement of applications without overlapping.

Using the frame pointer it is easy to walk through the desktop.

Windows can be arranged on the desktop either by using the WiDEsk working area or in a normal way. Anyway, WiDEsk always shows actual positions and sizes of all the top-level windows.

One can change the number of available cells by resizing of the WiDEsk window or by changing the scaling factor (by using the menu item Options, Appearance/Scaling factor control of the Options dialog box).

WiDEsk does not waste the CPU time when there are no top-level windows being currently moved or resized; so presence of a WiDEsk instance does not slow down the system.